Who we are

Bit makes it easy to build components and compose them into infinite features and applications. It's a new, better way to build software.

Through a popular set of open-source tools and a powerful cloud platform trusted by over 200,000 developers, Bit changes how modern apps are built and shipped. With Bit, developers build components and teams use them to compose and collaborate on many projects and features together. It’s a faster, more scalable way to build software. This is why the world’s best enterprises choose to adopt Bit as a critical priority.

Our structure and methods are aligned with how we build components, 100% Distributed (remote) organization.
We're currently 30 members from over 9 countries, from USA, Israel, Europe, and Asia. We use Discord as our virtual office and HQ.

Our team includes best-in-class talents including core maintenance from the world’s most popular OSS projects, veteran executives from the world’s best companies, and a core team that has runs together for over 5 years from concept to hyper-growth.

Our mission

Radically improve software development.

We do this by making the power of modular components accessible to everyone. By building in components developers build better, faster, and larger more easily together.

Our culture

Distribution. Collaboration. Harmony.

We don’t just say we empower developers. At Bit, each person owns, builds, and shares their components. Everyone builds features for themselves and ships them to the community every day. You dogfood your product and care for those who use it.

We don’t just accept difference, we expect it.

We put our team first. We invest everything we have into an inclusive, open, fun, and collaborative culture. We give a voice to all opinions and invest in the best ideas. That’s how everyone can make an impact and be their best selves.

Our team values

Redefine teamwork: We build with Bit as our customers do.

Best-in-class professionals

Distributed across the world

Building products autonomously

Continuously collaborating

We dogfood everything we make

We think and create new methodologies

We make open-source every day

V We are diverse, different, and inclusive. We expect you to be too.

We are backed by some of the world’s best investors, who built companies like Docker and Shopify in the USA, and Wix and Monday, in Israel, with over $30M in funding. Our customers include names and brands we all use every day (check out our homepage). Our team is set to double in the next year. We shoot for the moon - Will you join us?

  • A mission you believe in

  • Work from anywhere

  • Build cutting edge tools for developers

  • Stock options and benefits

  • Gear credit and perks

  • Create open source. Every day.